Commercial Locksmith Services

Express Mobile Locksmiths in Las Vegas have years of combined experience for all your commercial locksmith needs. From your building to your apartment complex, your pools, and your vehicle fleet, we’ve got the tools and expertise to help you with all your commercial locksmith needs. 

Our services include:

Building Locksmith Services

  • New locks and re-keying during tenant move in and move out. Our experts can make new keys for your new tenants, replace keys and reset locks *when lock equipment allows for your new tenants. 
  • Replacement of broken door locks, we all know that tenants aren’t always the nicest on the way out and locks can get damaged. Our team can repair locks and replace door jams if needed. 
  • Are you upgrading locks and thinking about keyless entry locks for your buildings or office suites? We’ve got you covered. We can source, install and program any electronic locks to your specifications. 
  • Key access needed for public areas? Office use restrooms only, public outdoor spaces, gates, and parking garages. Call Mobile Express Locksmiths today; we’ll get you a quote, get the job started, and, more importantly, get the job done quickly.

Commercial Vehicle Fleet

  • Rekeying for new employees, let’s face it, you have employees who lose keys, it’s not ideal, but it happens, someone drops it, drenches it, or takes it home on their last day of work, now what do you do? Easy, pick up the phone and call Mobile Express Locksmiths. 
  • Are your employees locking their equipment, computers, or tools in their vehicles? We have 24/7 service and discounts available for fleet servicing. On approved credit, we’ll offer payment credit to our service maintenance clients.

Multi-Unit and Apartment Complexes

Open an account with Mobile Express Locksmiths, and you’ll get priority services for all your move-ins and move-outs. Most tenants stay in an apartment in Las Vegas for eight months, so you should expect a lot of turnover. We can be your best resource to keep those units turning and secure for your new tenants. 

  • Pool on the property, well, that’s only for residents, we know that, but do the neighbors know it? Updating locks and re-keying gates for public areas are well within our list of services and we can be there today. Do you need signage to remind people they aren’t allowed? We can get signage for access at wholesale. Yep, Mobile Express Locksmiths Las Vegas is your one-stop shop for all keying and access needs. 

Building Security

Security systems and cameras are right up our alley. Let our team help you plan, source, and install the most affordable top-of-the-line security systems available on the market, real-time recording, and watch your cameras from your smartphone or any internet-connected devices. Alarm systems and first responders are only a button push away with the alarm and security systems we can install in your building. Call today and let us put a system together to help keep your property safe and secure.