Automotive Locksmith Services

Automotive Locksmith Services

Nothing can ruin your day faster than being locked out of your own car or truck. We know how much of a headache and stressful experience this is, and although we can’t prevent it from happening, we can help get you back in and on the road quickly. Our expert team of automotive locksmiths is available 24 / 7 and on holidays to help you get your doors open, your keys copied, and your wheels turning.

Our Commitment

At Express Mobile Locksmiths, we provide next-in-line service for all our automotive lockout customers, meaning you’ll receive priority treatment over non-emergency jobs. Bottom line, we’ve got you, and we’re on the way.

Why Choose Us?

Our friendly, licensed, and bonded locksmith technicians are always available for any car, truck, boat, RV, or any vehicle needing key service. 

Rush Service in the event of a child, pet, or elderly person locked in a car.

We will drop everything to get to you as quickly as possible to get your most precious cargo out of the car with virtually no damage to your vehicle. On an 80-degree day the temperature in a car can exceed 130 degrees and can be very serious to anyone locked inside.

Duplication of Keys and Replacement Keys

Most cars and trucks only come with two keys when purchased, that’s not a lot, and if you lose one, you only have one that can be locked into the car before you are up a creek. Let’s ensure you don’t have to call us again; we’ll make a copy of your existing keys, making you much less likely to get locked out in the future.

Remote Programming and Re Chip Programming

What do you do when you click the unlock button, and nothing happens with your car? Your key remote or fob may have been memory wiped, it may be old, a battery may be dead, or it might have just deprogrammed itself. We’ve got the tools and the expertise to reprogram your key remotes to your vehicle to make sure you always have seamless keyless entry to your vehicle.

Damage Free Lockpicking

Less experienced locksmiths will often damage your vehicle or locks while trying to unlock a door lock. We have the skills to ensure your locks will continue functioning like they were brand new after we get you back in your vehicle.

Laser Key Cutting

Better, more accurate, and more effective than traditional machine-cut keys, we can copy and cut keys with the precision of a modern laser and optical cutting solution. Getting your keys cut in the old method may make them not accepted by your vehicle locks. Be sure to get the best, so you don’t have to continue to call a locksmith to get you back into your car.