Programming High Security Vehicles

If your remote is not working call us! We have the most technologically advanced programmers. Today’s vehicles use the smartest and most highly advanced operating systems. Our locksmiths are trained in operating the most efficient programmers used today. We can program your vehicle in just moments using our state-of-the-art equipment.

Lost and Replacement Keys

If you have lost your keys or your keys fail to open or start your car don’t be alarmed our team of Certified Professionals are here to assist. We have the latest equipment to cut, duplicate or replace your lost keys


Emergency Children and lockout/in response. Relax we are on the way! At a time like this, you can depend on us. Your most precious possessions are our first priority. Living in an extreme environment such as the Mojave Desert, temperatures can reach very high and low in a short period of time. We also embrace the safety of your little ones. If we can’t be there in minutes contact 911, but if you can wait we will be on our way.